What sound system do we use for events?

After looking around recently for a sound system for a festival we was performing at, I couldn’t quite find one that I thought was really suitable for my needs. After a long time of searching, I eventually found a good one.

My criteria? Well, I didn’t want to break the bank. I recently decided on getting a soundbar, so it had to be of a good price. I read an article on the best soundbar under 100, and it definitely help me decide that this was going to be a good choice for me. There were tons of other options that the writers there recommended too, but I ended up going for the Taotronics for a couple reasons.

But we can’t use a soundbar for some of our larger events so we needed to find a big speaker system that would work well with an audience of 5000 or more people. Here is the criteria that I wanted to meet to ensure that the speaker system would be good enough for all of our events throughout the year.

  • Price – We had a budget of around £3000 for these speakers. We did not want to spend more than this because we already have an abundance of speakers that we can use. But for these specific occasions, we needed this type of speaker.
  • Good tweeters – Although the majority of events that we perform at need bass, we also want to ensure that our speakers are able to carry high frequencies well too. For this, we need to make sure that the speakers have high quality tweeters.
  • Capable of bass – As well as tweeters, we need to make sure that the speakers are capable of carrying low frequencies too. For this, it is a good idea for us to get a speaker that can deal with heavy sounds.

In the end, we went for a a big bluetooth speaker like this one. It is able to deal with heavy sounds just like we wanted from our speaker.


Overall, we are extremely happy with our sound system and I don’t think that it’s worth looking for others in the near future. This one should be suitable for any events that we’re going to within the near future and that makes us very happy.


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